About Us At Michigan Thumb Area Internet Consultants.





The intention of this page is to help visitors understand our company, and this Entity of our company.

We are a company consisting of multiple Entities (pseudo divisions) that are all focused on making B2B, and life, easy for individuals and businesses.

Our Business Model (abbreviated)

Vision Statement:

Total customer satisfaction.

Mission Statement:

Provide our customers and stakeholders with products and services, and a level of service and support that exceeds customer expectations, and raises the industry benchmark for the quality of product, delivery, service, and support.

At our company "Perfectionist" IS a job description. Our values demand that we be dedicated to your success. AND… we understand the difference between sales and relationships, and would prefer a great relationship over a great sale. Through experience we know that good business relationships result in good business solutions, and good business solutions result in additional/ongoing relationships and business.

We relentlessly seek excellence in quality of product, delivery, service, and support, and in customer satisfaction… all that we do.